We are pleased to announce that the online Student Transfer application is now available. This application allows parents/guardians to submit an open transfer request that will be processed in the order in which they are received. For any students new to Oklahoma, the application will assign a State Testing Number (STN) that is used for enrollment purposes.  Please go to  https://sde.ok.gov/student-transfers and fill out the information to start the process to possibly transfer your child to Fairland Public Schools.  Please be aware that according to state policy, once the maximum space declared by the district has been reached, students may not be admitted on a transfer basis but will still be placed on a wait list.  

Inspector General Hotline

The Officer of Inspector General Hotline is available for anyone who knows of or suspects fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, or violations of laws and regulations involving Education funds or programs.  This includes allegations of suspected wrongdoing by Education employees, contractors, grantees, schools and school officials, persons in positions of trust involving Education funds or programs, collection agencies, recipients of student financial assistance, or lending institutions.  If you have knowledge of any wrongdoing involving Education funds or operations, let us know.  ESSA Section 9203 (1)

OIG Hotline 800-647-8733

Monday-Wednesday 9am-11am EST

Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-3pm